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Gemini International / Printing Preservation Profit

Digital Printing with a Difference

  • Producing Quality

  • Printing at Affordable Pricing

  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint


Every Day People make key decisions about their Business, Some Good, Some Bad!

Digital Printing


Rapid Response

Easy Amendment

Choice of Binding


Titles always in Print

Turning Back Orders into Sales

Types of Books we Produce

Retail Books

Professional, Scientific, Technical & Medical Books

Educational Material and Training Courseware

School and College Books

Religious Books

Technical Manuals and Product Specifications


Reports, Research Papers and Theses


Leaner and Greener

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing processes

On demand Print Quantities

If you are a decision maker for your business, take some time to Talk to us? Contact us to discuss about it.

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Irelands leading Quality Focussed Digital Printing Company Reduce your Carbon Footprint with On demand Print quantities using our Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing processes!


We are proud of what we have done. We are ready for the next big challenge. Yours!
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    Retail Books & Novels

    Book Printing
    Type : Retail Books & Novels
    Categories : Book Printing, Fulfilment Solutions

    The Challenge

    Traditional book production using offset litho printing necessitates high volumes to keep unit cost down. This ties up working capital in unnecessary stock and increases the risk of obsolescence. Increasing returned product from wholesalers/retailers further erodes profitability .

    The Solution

    Gemini International’s Digibook
    (Digital Book Manufacturing) is the solution to the Publishers Dilema.

    The Result

    FLEXIBILITY Run lengths from 50 to 2,000 copies quickly and economically produced
    RAPID RESPONSE Turn round times of days not weeks or months means your book can be produced and ready for sale within a week
    EASY AMENDMENT Smaller runs and rapid turn round times mean revisions, amendments and updated editions are easily catered for
    CHOICE OF BINDING OPTIONS Perfect bound, saddle stitched, wiro fold¬flat, Canadian bound, combe (semi¬permanent flexible) and casebound
    QUALITY Print of the Year Award winners, Gemini offer excellence of print and binding quality
    SECURITY Established in 1973 Gemini offer security of supply. With the capability to print 25,000 A4 black only and A4 8,000 colour pages hourly, Gemini have the capacity to tackle all your print needs
    TITLES ALWAYS IN PRINT The option to print flexible quantities from as little as 50 copies means all your titles can always be kept in print
    TURNING BACK ORDERS INTO SALES The ability to print small quantities means back orders can become a thing of the past
    REDUCED TRANSPORT COSTS Compared to shipping product from the low¬cost factories of China and the East
    REDUCED CARBON FOOTPRINT Less transportation, FSC Papers, Efficient Energy Usage

    Comic Books

    Commercial Digital Printing
    Type : Comic Books
    Categories : Commercial Digital Printing


    These are usually a one-off publication printed on glossy paper and are normally two pin stitched.

    Business Cards

    Commercial Digital Printing
    Type : Business Cards
    Categories : Commercial Digital Printing


    Printed either single sided or double sided on a 350 gramme board. We can also laminate your cards if required. Very quick turnaround available.

    Letterheads / Comp Slips

    Commercial Digital Printing
    Type : Letterheads / Comp Slips
    Categories : Commercial Digital Printing


    Add a professional touch to you business stationery with matching letterheads compliment slips. Many finishes with both paper and print to give the look and feel of quality. Small and large quantities are catered for. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.


    Commercial Digital Printing
    Type : Leaflets/Flyers
    Categories : Commercial Digital Printing


    Leaflets or flyers can be printed in small or large quantities. Stocks can be on bond, silk or a gloss stock in a variety of weights, depending on your needs. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.


    Commercial Digital Printing
    Type : Posters
    Categories : Commercial Digital Printing


    When it comes to promotions, presentations, exhibitions, special events, having bright, bold and high impact posters will get your message noticed.

    Whether you need bulk poster printing, or a short run of a specialised poster, we will tailor a viable solution to suit your specific needs.


    Commercial Digital Printing
    Type : Brochures
    Categories : Commercial Digital Printing


    Booklets printed on 130 - 170 gsm gloss or silk paper, with 250 - 350 gsm gloss or matt cover if required. Available in a wide range of sizes, booklets are saddle stitch stapled and trimmed to size. Other binding finishes are available on request.


    Commercial Digital Printing
    Type : Programmes
    Categories : Commercial Digital Printing


    Programmes printed on 130 - 170 gsm gloss or silk paper, with 250 - 350 gsm gloss or matt cover if required. Available in a wide range of sizes, booklets are saddle stitch stapled and trimmed to size. Other binding finishes are available on request.


    Commercial Digital Printing
    Type : Postcards/Invitations
    Categories : Commercial Digital Printing


    Invitations and postcards are available on a wide range of paper stocks, sizes, and finishes. We can personalize your invitations and even print variable names, addresses and images onto each card if required.

    Call us today to talk about your project: 01-8261312

    School and College Books

    Book Printing, Commercial Digital Printing
    Type : School and College Books
    Categories : Commercial Digital Printing, Book Printing


    may require finished ‘submission copies’ for approval; teacher’s resource books may be needed in small quantities. Keeping their costs to a minimum is essential in today’s economic climate..

    We are ready for the next challenge. Yours!

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      We are committed to the future of Printing. We believe that the future of Printing is Digital. On Demand Printing is the way forward eliminating waste and obsolescence..


      We are committed to Preservation and our Environment To reducing our carbon foot print and keeping our manufacturing processes clean and green. We are committed to using papers that are natural, renewable and recyclable, produced either wood-free or from wood grown in sustainable forests.

    • PROFIT

      We all profit from a cleaner environment. We all profit by keeping more book titles in print than ever before. We profit by enabling authors to self publish works that otherwise would never make it to printed form.

    About Us

    Gemini International Limited was established in 1972 to provide Secretarial, Copy typing, Publishing and Printing services to the City Centre Business community.
    Through the years Gemini has always been a leader and innovator in it’s field, investing early in Digital page composition systems and was one of the first Irish Printing Companies to invest in Digital Printing technology.
    Originally based in Herbert Street, Gemini moved the cramped environment of the City’s Business District to a custom built brand new facility in Plato Business Park (Damastown) in the summer of 2002.
    Gemini’s reputation has grown and developed over the last thirty five years and some of our current customers have been doing business with us for over thirty years. We are now class leaders in book printing in Dublin and Ireland.

    Stephen McCarthy



    Stephen has worked in the print industry since 1988, starting with The Ormond Printing Company. The Ormond were pioneers in the digital revolution in the print industry taking delivery of one of Ireland's first DocuTechs back in 1992. Stephen was at the coal face and has been ever since.

    Brian Barnes

    Managing Director


    Brian has over 25 years business-to-business experience in the Graphic Arts Industry from concept and design through to colour reproduction and print.

    Tony Harris

    Prepress Manager


    Tony has worked in several of Ireland's leading print companies and has over 30 years experience in graphic arts and prepess technologies.


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